Employee Education

Employee Education

Most adults make many major and important financial decisions with very little support or guidance. At Quantis Wealth Management, we work with firms to help improve their employees’ financial well-being. Through our unique Financial Employee Education in the Workplace Program, we offer a streamlined process to enhance your employees’ financial lives and make them more financially efficient and productive.

Financial Education and Seminars
Participants will receive dynamic instruction about financial concepts and strategies. The time-tested financial principles presented can be applied to a variety of financial situations. Our seminars explain complex financial topics such as:

  1. Making the Most of Your Employer's Retirement Plan
  2. Tax Reduction Strategies
  3. Social Security and Medicare
  4. Estate and Legacy Planning
  5. Planning for a Successful Retirement
  6. Planning for College Expenses
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Dynamic In-Office 1 on 1's
Participants also have the opportunity to meet with a qualified financial professional to discuss their current situation, ask specific questions, as well as receive guidance and advice to further cement their learning from our seminars. This will allow your employees to utilize the knowledge they gain from our seminars and be able to apply it to their own unique financial situation. This comprehensive approach can be a valuable educational experience. It provides a broader context to help people set realistic goals and make sound financial decisions for their families.

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